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Dr. Barnes-Lee conducts community-engaged, policy-relevant research that integrates theoretical frameworks and methodologies from psychology, social work, and sociology. She develops and evaluates strengths-based interventions that aim to eliminate racial/ethnic disparities in the juvenile justice system. Her research also aims to prevent juvenile justice system involvement for Black and Brown students who demonstrate a disproportionately higher risk of being referred to law enforcement in schools. Dr. Barnes-Lee’s publications primarily represent her research on racial and gender equity in the validity of juvenile risk assessment tools.




2019 VCU iCubed Professional Development Grant
2019 National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity Grant
2019 Michigan State University AGEP Alumni Spotlight
2018 Service-Learning Faculty Learning Committee Award
2018 Virginia Commonwealth University ASPiRE Faculty Fellow
2018 APPAM 40 for 40 Early Career Scholar Award nominee
2017 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation New Connections Awardee
2016 Society for Psychological Study of Issues (SPSSI) Travel Award
2014 Michigan State University Childcare Grant
2014 Spartan Kids Child Grant

2014-2016 College of Social Science Research Scholars Fellowship
2014 National Science Foundation Conference Travel Funding
2013 Council of Graduate Students Conference Attendance Grant
2012 Michigan State University AGEP Leadership Award
2012 Department of Psychology Graduate Student Fellowship
2012-2015 Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate Award
2012-2014 Department of Psychology Research Support Fellowship
2012 Graduate School Travel Conference Attendance Grant
2012-2016 Department of Psychology Conference Attendance Fellowship
2011-2015 Education Opportunity Fellowship
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